As an ordinary lake in winter freezes and thaws, and freezes again, two straight, white male strangers exchange voices over the phone, facilitated by a third voice who has brought them together.

A field recorder is used to capture moments of each, as each situation evolves.

These respective sonic spaces collide in an installation setting. The elements diffuse and pierce one another, becoming an irregular chorus of cycles of cohesion and unraveling. The thread of hyper-directional sound snakes into the fabric of another. A body entering the space can find moments of proximity, or distance, all while being enveloped in the environment: one step to the right, and the voices are in your head, but two steps to the left, an indiscriminate, tinny twitter. At any point the whole scene might be subsumed by an incoming swell of granular, electric pulp.

Materials: Voices, phone, field recordings, surround speakers (used with uni-dimensional sound), directional speaker


Cassandra [Installation Documentation] from Lizzy De Vita on Vimeo.