The Question or Forgiving Richard Serra, Part 1

“Some people misunderstand forgiveness. They think that you need to understand first, in order to forgive. Really, you need to forgive in order to fully understand.”
– An inexact quote from a line in a book that I did not write, and do not fully remember.


This is a sort of lesescenario in which I perform Richard Serra’s responses from an unpublished interview from 1985. The interview was transcribed from an audio recording by an invisible party. The transcript was full of type-o’s, all of which were preserved in the performance. No research was done about Richard Serra’s mannerisms or persona prior to the filming this piece. Rather, the object of this game was to attempt to take possession of these (often mystyped) words, and see to what extent they could take possession of me. I simply read, and allowed myself to reside within the space of someone else’s words for a long period of time, filming it — at least in part — to witness what emerged.


Below are excerpts and stills from the video. THE WHOLE THING is 1 hour 31 minutes in length.




(c) Lizzy De Vita