White on White AXN


Site-specific kinetic sculpture/performance/painting ; (Materials: Gallery wall, white paint, paint brush, people, orange construction tape)


This is a site-specific installation, made for a gallery in a Pittsburgh neighborhood which is being rapidly gentrified, mostly due to an influx of artists and gallery spaces. Graffiti on an outside wall said, “Artists go home.”


Visitors to the gallery were invited by way of a museum-style wall text to paint a designated portion of the white gallery wall white, using a paintbrush. Only one person could paint at a time. The visitors, many of them neighborhood locals, complied with the instructions. Working inside the orange construction tape, the makers/viewers of the art engaged in a process of tagging the wall with their own expressions, expressions that were then quickly lost in the buildup of white paint.


All of this was done while simultaneously contributing to the upkeep of a new white-wall gallery, although the irregularity of the process left behind a series of drips, bumps, and scars that tarnished the finished, institutional surface.